Here are 10 trends that may be helpful for your upcoming fundraising events as it relates to experiences.
  1. Huge Shift!  Over the last 2 months: 71% of our experiences sold in events involved Air Travel, 29% within Driving Distance. Donors are traveling further from home again.
  2. Donors are redeeming faster than ever before. We are getting calls first thing Monday morning from winning bidders and we don’t even know the results from events over the past weekend. No worries, we get them set up!
  3. Donors are picking these states most often for experiences: Kentucky (ie. Bourbon Trail), South Carolina (ie. Hilton Head), Wyoming (ie. Jackson Hole), and California (ie. Napa and Sonoma).
  4. Donors are extending stays at a higher rate because they need more time away.
  5. Demand for sporting events is off the charts (ie. Augusta, KY Derby, WMO).
  6. Our 16th Hole Skybox Experience at WMO is selling like mad in events and it is tickets & hospitality only. No accommodations, no airfare, nothing else. Why? Not really sure, but donors are buying the heck out of it.
  7. Companies and key supporters are underwriting more experiences for organizations so their cost basis is $0.
  8. We are seeing increased interest in international experiences (especially Central America).
  9. This is only the beginning of the “bourbon boom.”  The distilleries are investing billions into production.
  10. Donors are spending more $$$ for bucket list type experiences in 2021.

We’ve added 3 NEW experiences this week: Asheville Fly Fishing & Food TourNapa Sip & Swing, and Boston Sox & Brews.

Between Giveback XP and Hometown, there are 200+ experiences to offer your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.