The majority of our experiences are built for 2 travelers, but we are often asked if a trip package can be customized for additional people and the answer is certainly yes.  A few things to keep in mind when considering this option at your event:

Let’s use our New York Broadway Bound Package as an example for increasing the experience from 2 to 4 people.

1. First, keep in mind this will make the package more expensive at your event — adding additional airline tickets, extra Broadway tickets, experience reservations, and hotel rooms. Simply put, doubling the amount of travelers, doubles the cost of the package. If the idea is to have 2 couples travel together, it is better off to have each couple purchase the package and we can arrange for corresponding travel dates.

2. Increasing this experience to 4 travelers means you eliminate any party of 2 from bidding on the experience who doesn’t have another couple to travel with or prefers to travel alone.

The good news is we have a number of experiences that are specifically built for groups of 4-10 travelers. These packages are perfect for a larger group as the costs of the luxury home, transportation, etc. can be split by multiple donors.

Here are our experiences for groups that may be a good fit for your event:

If you would like to review any of these experiences for your next event with one of our team members, please contact us.