As you head into the Fall Fundraising season here are some stats, suggestions and other miscellaneous snippets to help guide you on experiences in your events.

Categories: (Our Q3 Results to Date) Experiences SOLD.  36% Sports – 28% Adventure – 14% Food, Wine & Spirits – 12% Entertainment – 10% Sea, Sun, Sand & International.

Air Travel vs. Driving Distance: (Q3 to Date)  76% (air travel – donor had to fly to the experience), 24% (within a 4-5 hour drive of a donor’s physical location). **Big shift from the 50-50 split, March 2020 – March 2021!

To The Moon: Donors are buying travel at a higher percentage in events than at anytime we have seen in the last 5 years. They want to go places and do things when the time is right.

Multiples: Live auction + a good auctioneer can really send your profit into hyper-drive by selling the same experience multiple times.

Silent Auction: 1 silent auction item for every 7 guests is a good rule of thumb (give consideration to couples bidding together).  Not just on our experiences, but all the other stuff too!

Sir Mix-a-Lot: Offer a mix of local, regional and national experiences in this environment to cover all interest levels. Internationally, we see increased demand for Central America and the Caribbean.

Be More Aggressive: in your offerings. Now is the time to take chances.

Experiences:  Between Giveback XP and Hometown, there are 200+ experiences to offer your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Cryptocurrency: If your organization would like to pay in crypto we now accept: BTC, ETH, ZRX, MATIC, UNI, GRT and XTZ. Sorry, no DOGE 🙂 You can send directly to our Gemini account. #thefuture

Testimonial: “Your company has the best experiences in our industry.” – Everyone

Are you ready to offer a few standout experiences at your next event?