This is a question we are asked all of the time and are proud of our mission of giving back!

First, let’s discuss our criteria to be considered:

1. Underserved youth

2. Family has experienced financial hardship or loss

3. Student typically does not have the the opportunity to attend a live sporting event

We work with organizations across the country for our giveback events. Communities and schools in Austin, TX, The Boys & Girls Club in Cleveland, OH, Anthony Munoz Foundation, Marvin Lewis Community Fund, Holy Family Grade School in Cincinnati, OH, Big Brothers Big Sisters in Phoenix, AZ just to name a few.

We love when our clients’ missions align with our giveback framework. Our clients offer our experiences at their fundraisers to raise more money in their auctions, events and golf outings, and in turn, we provide a live sporting experience to the children associated with their organization. We also actively look for underserved youth throughout the nation. For example, we were touched when we saw the documentary The Children of Central City on Facebook about the Davis Park Panthers Football team. We picked up the phone, called the reporters and spoke to the coach. The story impacted us. We felt the need to do something.

Our network is vast. We know how to find the right kids for our outings.

There is an endless amount of children across the country who have never been to collegiate or professional games. We have a lot of work to do and will continually increase the numbers sent each year.