“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson


Let us share the story of a school in California who had a Live Virtual Auction this past Saturday, March 28th.

On March 10th, the fundraising committee met to discuss the recent news of COVID-19. They were concerned with how quickly things were changing and questioned what more could transpire by the date of the scheduled physical gala. And for good reason. Later that day, the governor of California restricted all social gatherings for groups of ten or more.

They knew they had only a few options: cancel the event, postpone the event to the fall, or move to a virtual fundraiser for the first time.

They decided to take a chance on a virtual gala. They asked themselves “What do we have to lose at this point?”

The answer: crucial fundraising dollars reflected below.

2019 Physical Event – Results (for comparison)
Net Profit: $75,000

2020 Virtual Event – Results
Net Profit: $100,000+ (and still counting)

Silent auction. Live auction. Funding plea. These three avenues were the main sources for revenue. The funding plea alone brought in $31,000 in 2019. And on this past Saturday night, it exceeded $52,000. Their donors rallied beyond expectations for the school!

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The virtual gala was inclusive, entertaining, concise, and most importantly successful. Leveraging the power of online fundraising, while adding some creative social media and technology options such as live streaming, can bring the excitement of your event to your donors’ homes. You have a captive audience ready to engage like never before!


The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is scary. The ever-evolving environment, news, and regulations have organizations across the country adjusting and pivoting to adapt to this “new normal.” Unpredictable change is extremely difficult, especially when endless amounts of time and resources have been dedicated to only feel it was all for nothing.

But we are here to tell you your efforts are not lost. Our team has spent many hours researching solutions for our clients to preserve hope. We truly believe in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity and although the original plan may be altered, this disruption creates innovation.

We are determined to help you, your organization, and your donors get through this. And for those nonprofits and charities ready to face the unknown and take back what may seem irrevocable, we have a possible solution for you.

But even after hearing such an encouraging story, we know you may be reluctant. Giveback XP, in partnership with some of the nation’s most renowned auctioneers will help your organization transition to a virtual fundraiser. Giveback XP is offering to pay the auctioneer fee for your virtual event and provide event consultation from implementation to execution – free of charge. If your organization meets determined criteria – you now have NO RISKto give this a shot.

Over the next few months, we have 30 event slots reserved with these auctioneers. At this time, 10 slots are sold, and 22 slots remain available. We want to help. We can look to increase capacity if demand exceeds the current allotment.

We have 100+ experience packages to choose from and offer your donors in the silent and live portions of the auction. We have extended our redemption on travel from a 1-year redeem to 2 years with first-class concierge services. This has made donors feel very comfortable and excited.

So, now the question is: “What do you have to lose?”

NOTE: This offer is for organizations that do not have a qualified auctioneer in place. If you have a good one – keep them! They are worth their weight in gold. We would be happy to speak and consult with any auctioneer free of charge.

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As always, we are here to help you raise more money for your mission, even in challenging and difficult times.

If you would like to read the full details about the California school concerning the decision making, timeframes, and evaluation process you can read it here: CASE STUDY – CA School