Here is a roundup of the Top 15 Most Loved Experiences by Donors in Q1 of 2023 and other trends we notice.

  1. Tuscan Countryside & Cuisine
  2. Red River Gorge Adventure
  3. Escape to Paradise in Belize or Costa Rica
  4. Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  5. 2024 Kentucky Derby – 150th running of Derby and donors love anniversary experiences! 
  6. Sonoma Valley Couples Getaway
  7. 2023 US Open Golf
  8. 2023 American Music Awards
  9. My Old Kentucky Home – Bourbon Experience
  10. 2024 – 16th Hole Skybox at WMO
  11. 2024 – F1 Experience
  12. Pro Sports Fan Experience
  13. St. George Stay & Play
  14. Jackson Hole Adventure
  15. Portland Maine Culture & Cuisine

Here are some of our favorite highlights:

* What Categories of Experiences did Donors buy in Q1?  Food Wine Spirits – 31%, Adventure – 25% , Sports – 23%, Entertainment – 11% and Sea Sun Sand – 10%

* Adventure has always been our top selling category, but Food Wine & Spirits topped Adventure in Q1.

* Which type of experiences make the most money for organizations? Easy answer. Bucket-list sporting events & entertainment experiences, cabin vibes, private villas and homes.

* Napa & Sonoma have made a huge comeback in 2023. If we listed out #16 – #25, you would see this region occupying half of those slots.

* Kentucky-based experiences dominate the Top 10: Red River Gorge, Derby, Bourbon Trail and My Old Kentucky Home.

* New Experiences ADDED in Q1: Hocking Hills, 16th Hole Skybox with accommodations, Kentucky Derby First Turn, Costa Rica Dreams [7 bedroom villa], Private Bourbon Blending and Abu Dhabi F1 race.

* Most asked question continues to be “Are we too late to offer experiences at our event?” Some organizations call us a day or two before their event, so you are most likely not too late!

Also, play begins today in Augusta where the top golfers in the world compete for The Green Jacket.

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