We are seeing a rapid increase in donor redemptions the last few weeks as our economy opens back up. We understand some people could be hesitant to travel, but many donors are ready to get out and seek adventure again. Are you planning to cater to those individuals at your upcoming fundraising events?

A recent CNN Business article, “Airbnb is making huge comeback,” is in line with what we are seeing:

“Here’s another sign that summer travel is rebounding: Airbnb said it’s experiencing a surge in bookings as customers emerge from several months of being cooped up in their homes because of Covid-19. It had more US bookings between May 17 and June 3, than the same time period a year earlier. That signals Americans are ready to travel, albeit primarily within the United States.

American Airlines (AAL) said last week it was bolstering its July schedule following a better-than-expected uptick in demand, particularly to Florida and mountain destinations in the West.” (Valinsky, Jordan)

We have participated in numerous virtual galas in the last 3 months and continue to see the same trends of what is working for organizations. Below are the top performing destinations and packages from the last 12 weeks of events.

Lastly, we’ve rebranded to Giveback XP to emphasize our focus as a full-service eXPerience company.

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