Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $718.4 billion in 2017 per the US Travel Association. People want unique experiences. They want to go places and experience life through travel.

How do you decide which experiences to offer at your event?

1. Ask your Board. “We know you will be traveling and going on vacations this year. Where do you want to go?”

2. Email or call your top donors. “What destinations are on your bucket list? Where has your wife always wanted to go? What is your husband’s dream sporting event? Are you wine lovers? Where do you want to travel together?”

3. You could consider items that make geographic sense, although some want to travel far away from their hometown.

What does this exercise do? It helps you determine what your guests might bid on and what is most important to them. It also creates excitement and a buzz around your event by getting them to anticipate big ticket travel items to bid on.

How can you redirect some of this $718.4 billion to your organization? Give your top donors the opportunity to travel with you and support a good cause in return.