What are No-Risk Auction Items?

The best way to explain: It’s free to use our services. There are no sign up fees, no usage fees and you only purchase something if it sells at your event.

A transaction with Giveback XP doesn’t take place until after your event and only for experiences that sell above their reserve minimum, which you establish for each package. We usually recommend a reserve minimum of 15-20% over the Nonprofit Cost.

If bidding doesn’t reach the minimum you set, then it costs your organization nothing. Any bidding that occurs beyond the Nonprofit Cost goes directly to your cause!

Which Experiences Should I Select For My Event?

We will help you select experiences that best fit your event type and the demographics of your attendees. Between your knowledge of the event, donor base, and objectives, and our experience with Nonprofit fundraisers, together we will be able to determine the best mix of auction items to maximize fundraising revenue. Also, you don’t need 200 options to choose from. It just gets confusing. You need the items that are going to sell!

May We Suggest Trips You Don’t Have?

Absolutely, we are always happy to discuss! Just reach out to us.

How Much Should We Sell Experiences For?

We recommend setting the minimum at least 15-20% above your cost, but most experiences end up selling for 30-50% above the Giveback XP package price. Start the bidding below your total target so you can build momentum and competition among bidders.

Can We Sell Experiences More Than Once?

YES! We have multiple quantities of every experience we offer. If it is a Live Auction for example and you have two bidders trying to out bid each other, wait for one of them to jump out, then stop the bidding and sell the experience to both bidders. You will have two happy Winning Bidders and twice the amount of money raised! You can even sell Experiences after your event to donors who couldn’t make it or didn’t get a chance to bid.

How Do You Determine Suggested Retail For Each?

Because of the constantly fluctuating prices of travel, we have found the most consistent way to value our items is to use rack rates for hotel rooms, Airbnbs, tours and more. These are the highest values for which it could be booked for. Other components are valued individually and the total value is calculated. If any component of an item is not readily accessible or available to the public, the package is valued as priceless. This pricing method allows Giveback XP to offer the most flexible travel options to ensure the best Winning Bidder experience.

Do You Have Blackout Dates?

Some. Our travel/or hotel partners may on occasion have black-out dates, and we try and advise you of these dates in advance. All packages are also subject to availability.

Any Additional Fees Passengers Must Pay?

The only additional passenger fees are airfare related. All other taxes and fees are included in the original cost of the trip package. As with any travel booking, incidentals during the trip will be the responsibility of the winner.

Do You Provide Marketing Materials?

Each Giveback XP Experience comes with a package display PDF for you to use in your fundraising event. Each 8.5 x 11 PDF is produced using high quality photos and graphics, allowing you to enlarge them to poster sizes without losing image quality. You can print poster-sized package display PDFs at your nearest FedEx Office.

In addition to the package display PDF, we provide a full package description with all the Experience details. We also supply additional images for you to use for your own marketing materials or presentations if needed.

What Should We Give Winning Bidders at The Event?

We suggest printing several copies of the marketing display and handing it to any winning bidders.  Congratulate them on the exciting Experience they just purchased and thank them for their donation and support. After your event please send over the name, email address and phone numbers of any winning bidders and we will send them a Booking Voucher/Certificate. They will receive Booking Vouchers once the Experiences have been paid for.

What is a Booking Voucher?

The Booking Voucher is what the Winning Bidder needs in order to redeem their Experience. Only after Giveback XP has received payment for all the experiences sold at your event will Booking Vouchers become available. Once payment is received, we will prepare the vouchers and send them directly to your Winning Bidders so you don’t need to worry about it.

Vouchers arrive in your Winning Bidder’s email inbox with a Trip Booking Identification # and directions on how to redeem their Experience.

How Soon After The Event Can Winning Bidders Book Their Experience?

A Booking Voucher will become available within 1 week of receiving payment from your Nonprofit. The Winning Bidder’s name and email address is also required to be able to deliver the voucher. Once a Winning Bidder receives their Booking Voucher, they can immediately begin the redemption process. Our experiences do need to be booked at least 60 days prior to the requested travel date.

How Do Winning Bidders Redeem Their Experiences?

All of our Experiences include our Giveback XP Booking Services. Winning Bidders simply follow the redemption process directions outlined on the Booking Voucher and one our travel professionals will take it from there, handling reservations and booking the Experience from start to finish. We will help them every step of the way!

What Are The Giveback XP Booking Services?

We provide a team of seasoned travel professionals that will help you redeem your once-in-a-lifetime Experience. We take care of all travel related details, handling reservations for every part of their trip.

Can My Winning Bidder Change Details of The Experience After The Event?

Of course! Our team of travel professionals are able to accommodate requests from the Winning Bidder. We can upgrade rooms (depending on the property), add additional nights, guests, and even book excursions and sightseeing tours. Extra costs may apply.

Anything We Haven’t Answered?

Just give us a call at 1-888-573-2220!