Since our inception, we have been on a mission to provide remarkable experiences and custom travel packages to support nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. We don’t just offer high value, unparalleled travel packages; we provide experiences that have a genuine purpose – that help us give back and make a real impact in our community.

We donate a portion of our profits on every sale to send underserved youth to live sporting events and support athletic programs in need. Through sports, we hope to give kids the chance to see their role models in action, fuel their passion for athletics, and bring a little more joy to their day. How do we do this? Through the sale of fully customizable travel packages at live, silent, and online auction events. Every one of our packages is no commitment, no risk, and can be tailored perfectly for any company’s incentive travel.

Using our service is free. There are no sign-up or usage fees, and no transaction takes place until the conclusion of your event…and only for the experiences that sell above the reserve minimum. If bidding doesn’t reach the minimum you set, then it costs your organization nothing. Your organization keeps 100% of the profits over the reserve price and our experiences can be sold multiple times – doubling and tripling your profit! That’s how we get to deliver on our profit + purpose every single day – helping nonprofits raise more money.

Our Starting Lineup

Traci Kirkpatrick

Client Services

Rob Kantner

Branding and Creative

Jill Timon

Special Projects Coordinator

Erin Louis

Travel Team

Leanne Bevan

Travel Team

Jayne McAfee

Finance Manager

Peter Christian Bajuyo

Team Admin


Chief Squirrel Chaser

Megan Maple

Travel Team

Scott Ruprecht

Founder & CEO