Charity & Nonprofit Sports Auction Packages

At Giveback XP, we take pride in being able to provide unique sporting experiences for your next fundraising charity auction. With our wide variety of sports related auction packages, there will be something of interest to all members of your audience.


Sports Tickets for Auctions

Through our own ticket portal and established relationships with venues, we guarantee cost-efficient sporting packages for our clients. As a result, your charity auction can provide sport experiences at a price far lower than a regular retailer can offer.

We work with your organization to establish a reserve bidding price for the sports tickets selected for your auction. Your organization then keeps 100% of the bid over the cost of the package, and you can choose to sell these tickets at your fundraiser as many times as you like.


Sporting Event Items with No Risk Involved

One of the best parts of working with Giveback XP is that all of our packages have absolutely no risk involved. If an item happens to not meet the reserve price at your auction, then you owe Giveback XP nothing. We’re a dedicated partner that understands serving an important mission. We want to ensure success for your nonprofit and work closely with you to make your charitable goal a reality.


These Adventures are more than Sporting Events

Working with Giveback XP on a sporting event package is much more than seeing the first pitch or the game winning shot at the final buzzer. We offer full experiences that also include travel & transportation, hotels, and dining packages. With these auction items, your donors will find a whole new way to experience unique sporting events!

Some of our top packages include:

Masters Golf TournamentWatch the best golfers in the world compete for The Green Jacket at the most exclusive and premiere golf event on the planet. 

ESPY AwardsThe ESPYs are an unforgettable one-night celebration of the year in sports. Relive the best plays, biggest upsets and most outstanding performances for professional individual and team athletics.

The Kentucky DerbyEnjoy “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” from an elevated view of the starting line and the final stretch.

With Giveback XP, the possibilities are endless! We also provide experience packages and tickets to the Super Bowl, MLB, NFL, NBA, and collegiate events. 


We’re a Profit + Purpose Business

Like your organization, we’re dedicated to giving back. When you partner with Giveback XP for your silent, live, or online auction, you’re not only helping your organization’s cause, but you’re also helping us make an impact. As a Profit + Purpose business, we donate a portion of our profit (not yours) to a cause we believe in: the power of sports. We use profits to send underserved youth to live sporting events and give kids the opportunity to see their role models in action. In addition to sending kids to games, we support athletic programs in need. Sports serve as a source of inspiration, camaraderie and dedication, and we make it our purpose to show as many kids as possible these powerful life skills.

We exceed our giveback targets each and every year by sending more and more underserved youth from across the country to NBA, MLB, NFL, and collegiate games. As we expand our giving model to make a deeper impact in our communities, we also specifically target athletic programs in need with donations to help keep them in place.


Why Work With Giveback XP?

Working with Giveback XP is more than simply creating amazing sports packages you can offer at your next fundraiser. When you partner with us, you’re gaining a dedicated and driven team that understands the nonprofit landscape and delivers remarkable experiences to your most important audiences.


We’re Experts in the Sports Field

We’re constantly working with nonprofits and charities across the country by providing the right items to help your organization generate the most profit. From local and regional foundations to national organizations, we work to create successful auction experiences that are custom-tailored to your event.


We Eliminate Stress and Save You Time

It takes a lot of time to successfully create, develop and maintain interesting sports & travel experiences. It also takes an enormous commitment to execute those trips for your winning donors. We know – we are focused on it all day long. While there is plenty to worry about for your next fundraiser, acting as a travel agent should not have to be one of them. By partnering with Giveback XP, the stress of building, managing, and executing profitable experiences for your organization will no longer be a factor for you. Instead, we’ll work closely with your foundation to understand your fundraising goals and your audience demographics to hand-pick the best sporting experiences for your nonprofit auctions. Our goal is to help your team save time while increasing your profit.


We’re a Full-Service, Concierge-Level Travel Company

At Giveback XP, we are not only your sporting ticket and event provider; we take care of your winning supporters every step of the way. From the time your opening bell starts until the last item sells at your auction, we are there for questions and answers. We always want to make it easier for your winning bidders to redeem their sports auction packages and tickets. As a full-service travel company, we ensure that everything will go smoothly for your donors as they embark on their amazing experience! Our team works directly with your winning bidders to manage and book every aspect of their trip. This allows you to focus your time on what’s truly important- increasing the profit for your charitable organization!