Embark on a colorful and wildlife-rich experience to the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s most enriching destinations. Enter a world of macaws, caimans, uakari, howler and spider monkeys, sloths, river otters, and rare pink river dolphins.

The trip begins in the port city of Manaus (nicknamed “Paris of the Jungle”) at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Amazon rivers. Manaus was founded in 1669 by the Portuguese as a small fishing village. Its name is of Indian origin and its literal translation is “Mother of God.” On the first day of your journey, a personal guide will take you on a city tour of Manaus to visit the fish and fruits markets, see the large regional wooden boats that move supplies throughout the Amazon basin and visit MUSA, a tower 150 ft above the bustling town. Your day also includes a tour of the enchanting Opera House—a replica of the famed Vienna opera house—built in 1892, also known as the “Theatre of the Amazonian Jungle.”

The next morning you will depart by boat up The Rio Negro (Black River) to visit an indigenous Amazonian village and learn about the culture, the food, and how these proud people live. This once-in-a-lifetime journey takes you into a wildlife and botanical paradise cruising along the picturesque Rio Negro, also known as the river-sea.

After a few days exploring by river, you will return to Manaus. It is time for a road trip to Presidente Figueiredo, a town of over 100 waterfalls and rapids. Hike to Maroaga and Judeia learning about Amazonian trees, fruit, herbs and plants, and visit Urubui Rapids.

Itinerary: Sunday – Thursday (July – March)

-Private guided tour of Manaus, the “Paris of The Jungle”

-Tour of The Opera House, “the Theatre of the Amazonian Jungle”

-2.5 – 3 day Rio Negro River tour of unsurpassed wildlife viewing and a visit to an indigenous Amazonian village

-Meals and drinks while on river cruise

-Guided tour and transportation to Presidente Figueredo for hiking, botanical touring and viewing of waterfalls

-2-night stay aboard our Amazon riverboat

-4- night stay in Manaus at a 4-star hotel

-Booking and travel services

*Meals and beverages in Manus are not included in your package.

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