Here are (5) experiences we recently created and they are gaining momentum in fundraising events:

  1. Admire the Amalfi Coast
  2. 2024 PGA Championship – Valhalla
  3. Cortona Hilltop Stay
  4. Southwest Outdoor Adventure
  5. Best of Barcelona

Helpful Hints/Reminders:

  • Bucket-list sporting & entertainment experiences, private cabins and villas produce the most profit per experience for organizations.
  • Don’t pick too many experiences for your event. A lot of factors play into this decision, but sometimes less is more. We can help you fine tune choices.
  • Ask your committee or board where they would like to go. They are often buyers of trips.Β  If they want an experience, you increase the likelihood of selling multiples at the event.
  • Thinking donors only want to travel close to home. This is false. It’s good to have a mix, but remember they spent a lot of time over last 3 years doing things close by.
  • Donated trips to your organization – YES, take them all. However, you are NOT selling a donated experience 13x in a live auction, raising 6 figures like ONE org did recently.
  • It’sΒ not too lateΒ offering our experiences at your event. We can still make it happen for you.

*We will have full Q3 results and other trends we are seeing in early October!

BROWSE over 125+ experiences to offer your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Ready to raise the bar at your next event with any of these highly-sought after experiences?