We know attention spans may be short this week with March Madness, but here is a quick email.

So far in 2024, these (7) experiences are selling the most multiples in events.ย  By using Giveback XP, you have the possibility to sell the same experience multiple times, doubling or tripling your profit.

  1. Go Coastal in Charleston for 2
  2. Escape to Spain or Portugal for up to 8
  3. 16th Hole Skybox with Accommodations [Sunday] for 2
  4. Cortona Hilltop Stay for 4
  5. Explore Historic Savannah for 2
  6. F1 Experience – Choose You Race for 2
  7. Red River Gorge – 3 night Weekday for up to 10

**In a few weeks we will send out full Q1 results: top 25 experiences, under the radar performers, travel trends we notice and more.

A Few Common Mistakes:

  • Not Using Bullet Points – When entering an experience into your online / mobile platform, lead with the inclusions in bullet point format.ย Donors digest information better this way.ย At maximum, a one line hook prior can be included.ย The bigger issue (depending on the software) isย when you go to print – it may cut off some of the inclusions if you don’t take this step.
  • Analysis Paralysis – If you have too many experiences picked out and are having trouble deciding – send us your list. We will cut it downย and move you into the right spots based on your audience. You can either spend 5 days over-thinking it or have us tell you in 5 mins ๐Ÿ™‚ We do this daily for organizations.
  • Turning a Package Designed for 2 into 4 –ย Unless you know the buyer beforehand, this can be a mistake. If there are no shared expenses [ie. luxury sedan service for Bourbon Trail or Napa] you’ve doubled the cost and eliminated any party of 2 from bidding.

You are not too late in offering our experiences at your event!

BROWSE over 150+ experiences to excite your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Ready to raise the bar at your next event with any of these highly-sought after experiences?