Here are 15 Family Experiences to consider for your next event!


  1. San Diego Zoo Family Adventure for up to 4
  2. St. Louis Family Getaway for up to 4
  3. Hideaway & Hike in Hocking Hills for up to 20
  4. North Carolina High Country Family Adventure for up to 4
  5. Cedar Point Family Fun for up to 4
  6. American West Family Adventure for up to 4
  7. North Carolina Lakeside Dreams for up to 4
  8. Southwest Outdoor Adventure for up to 4
  9. Hilton Head (7) Bedroom Luxury Home for up to 20
  10. Red River Gorge Adventure for up 8


  1. Tuscan Countryside & Cuisine for up to 8
  2. Escape to Spain or Portugal for up to 8
  3. Costa Rica Dreams for up to 14
  4. Making Memories in Mykonos for up to 6
  5. Escape to Paradise in Belize or Costa Rica for up to 8

BROWSE over 150+ experiences to excite your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times. Our experiences cultivate friendly competition, spark bidding wars, and create a high level of excitement at your next fundraiser.

Ready to raise the bar at your next event with any of these highly-sought after experiences?