Here are some quick hitters on this Friday morning:

1. Super Bowl: Last week we put together (4) lower-level seats for a client based in Kansas for Chiefs vs. Bengals in the AFC Championship game. Being opportunistic and riding the momentum of The NFL Playoffs, this organization was able to sell the experience 3x last Thursday night, triple their profit, and raise thousands.

We are working with several organizations on Super Bowl. If you are considering this experience, please note upper level tickets (just to walk-in) start at $6000 per person right now. It is expensive, but a bucket-list experience for many donors.

Being based in Cincinnati – the Bengals Cinderella story continues…...#whodey!
2. NEW Rocky Mountain Wildlife Adventure for 2 (Colorado): We are excited to roll out this new experience. Guided photo safari, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, 4-night stay. Read about it HERE!

3. Destination X: One of our team members lives there. Another team member visited in January. I fly there on Saturday.  5-7 NEW experiences coming SOON in this destination – STAY TUNED!

4.  Donors buy experiences to these States most often: Kentucky, California, Wyoming, South Carolina, Tennessee.

5.  As entertainment, international travel and sporting events were most affected during the pandemic, we see significant renewed interest in these experiences: Escape to Belize, Costa Rica or Cabo, Pro Sports Fan Getaway, Private Costa Rica Villa, and CMAs.

We have 150+ experiences to offer your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Are you ready to offer a few standout experiences at your next event?