We had a heck of a ride this past year! Before we cruise further into 2024, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and flash back to the top experiences of 2023. Buckle up—we are puttin’ this ride in reverse and throwin’ it back for old times sake.

Here is a roundup of the Top 20 Most Loved Experiences by Donors in 2023:

  1. Red River Gorge Adventure
  2. Tuscan Countryside & Cuisine
  3. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  4. Formula 1 Experience [F1]
  5. Kentucky Derby – only (7) packages remaining for the 150th Anniversary
  6. 16th Hole Skybox at WMO
  7. Escape to Paradise in Belize or Costa Rica
  8. Pro Sports Fan Experience
  9. My Old Kentucky Home
  10. New York Broadway Bound
  11. Sonoma Valley Couples Getaway
  12. Jackson Hole Summer Adventure
  13. Country Music Awards
  14. Napa Sip & Soar
  15. Cortona Hilltop Stay
  16. U.S. Open Tennis
  17. American West Family Adventure
  18. Music City Heart & Soul
  19. American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament
  20. St. George Stay & Play


Lake Coeur d’Alene Golf & Spa Getaway, Live Like a Local – Park City, Live Like a Local – Jackson Hole, Cedar Point Family Adventure, North Carolina Lakeside Dreams, and Montana Glaciers & Rivers Adventure.

Helpful Hints/Reminders:

  • Bucket-list sporting & entertainment experiences, private cabins and villas produce the most profit per experience for organizations.
  • Ask your committee or board where they would like to go. Many times they are buyers of experiences. If they want an experience, you increase the likelihood of selling multiples at the event, doubling or tripling profit.
  • Don’t pick too many experiences for your event. Narrow the focus.  A lot of factors play into this decision, but sometimes less is more. We can help you fine tune choices.
  • Choose experiences based on your crowd, not your own personal financial situation. It’s about who is in your audience.
  • Donated trips to your organization – yes, take them all. However, you are NOT selling a donated experience 15x in a live auction like one org did recently.
  • A creative way to raise more money at your event is to utilize the timing of your fundraiser and the momentum of an event-based experience [ie. Kentucky Derby, CMAs, US Open, etc]
  • For experiences not tied to an event date, donors have up to 2 years to travel. This gives them the confidence and flexibility needed to plan ahead.
  • For raffles – A good strategy is to use 3 to 4 experiences in different categories with similar price points and let the winner choose. It’s really hard to “guess” that one experience you believe everyone will want.
  • You are not too late in offering our experiences at your event. We prefer lead time, but work with several orgs last minute.

BROWSE over 150+ experiences to excite your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Ready to raise the bar at your next event with any of these highly-sought after experiences?