Recently, we sent out 10 Bucket List Experiences

Here are several top experiences with a lower price point to consider for your next fundraiser. Need to fill a few gaps in your silent auction or round-out your live auction with a few attractive experiences?

  1. Boston Brews & Sox  ($975 for 2)
  2. Red River Gorge  (Weekday – $795 for up to 12) – (Weekend – $995 for up to 12) – (3-night with kayak adventure – $1850 for up to 8)
  3. Explore Historic Savannah  ($1840 for 2)
  4. New Orleans Big Easy Jazz & Nightlife  ($1900 for 2)
  5. America’s Cup San Diego  ($1950 for 2)
  6. Asheville Mountain Town Getaway  ($1850 for 2)
  7. Wrigley Field Rooftops  ($1950 for 2)
  8. My Old Kentucky Home  ($1950 for 2)
  9. Explore Hot Springs, AK  ($1750 for 2)
  10. Music City Heart & Soul  ($1945 for 2)

AmEx Reports Surge in Travel Spending – New York Business Journal

Travel and entertainment spending seems to be growing, exceeding the expectations of New York-based financier American Express Co. during the third quarter, reports Ben Miller of the New York Business Journal.

Customer spending in the category was up by 57% from a year prior, and travel and entertainment spending internationally surpassed pre-pandemic levels for the first time, said CEO Stephen Squeri.
* Millennials and Generation Z consumers are the company’s fastest-growing demographic.

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