Have you always wanted to hire a celebrity for your event but thought it was too expensive?

Because of the current pandemic, most of us have adjusted and made the pivot to events in the virtual world. This has presented a unique opportunity – affordability. In the past, booking a celebrity was outside the price range of organizations and may have not positively affected ROI. 

Think about it. Budgeting for talent in the past included travel expenses, meals, staff, artist fees, agency fees, staging and more. You also needed to deal with their hectic schedules for tours, films or tv obligations – availability was its own headache.

Virtual events have presented us with new opportunities. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the foreseeable future, celebrities and their representatives are willing to entertain reasonable offers. For the time being, this incredible level of talent is more accessible and affordable than ever before.

We have access to a roster of some of the the worlds’ most exclusive and in-demand speakers, athletes, musicians and celebrities. These experiences will be streamed live and fully interactive where guests can communicate with the speaker in real time. 

What has worked in the past for a live concert or keynote speaker won’t necessarily work online. We can help you decide the best way to present the talent in the most engaging way for your organization.

Focus on Strategy:

This requires a thoughtful evaluation of the event’s purpose and goals. Start with the Why? What are the KPIs and goals of the event (ie. immediate revenue generation, brand awareness or donor appreciation)? Can your goals be met virtually? Don’t be afraid to experiment. What are your options and budgets? So before you make decisions about the type of virtual event you want to create, you need to understand the resources you have available. The options available to you are reliant on the amount you can spend. And finally review – proving ROI and event success. We can help.

Focus on Execution:

Now comes the hard work. Don’t panic. As you’ll see, many of the execution fundamentals that served you well for in-person events still apply. Are we starting with the right mindset and can be bring the skillset necessary? Some tough love for you – if you are taking a previously in-person event virtual, you may need to let your vision of that in-person event die. Mourn its loss and move on, but keep asking the right questions. Can we engage our donors with this experience? What is the event duration and agenda? What do the sponsorship opportunities look like for this event? How are we going to market our event to donors? Virtual events will most likely allow you to cast a wider net. Keep in mind that with an exciting musician, athlete or chef – it might be easier to drive up registration for the event, but you will need to work hard to make sure they actually attend the event. And finally, how are we going to track the data and analytics?

Content is King

It’s king for your virtual events. Arguably, great content is even more important in a virtual setting than physical. You don’t have the ambiance of a beautiful location, great food and drinks, and the dynamism of in-person interactions so your content will need to carry much of the weight of delivering a great event experience. Content IS the event.

Sample Experience Options:


Artists perform your favorite songs and hear behind the scenes stories


Engaging chalk-talk with your favorite athletes

Motivational Speaker

Inspiration from those who have succeeded in challenging times

Cooking Class

Learn “how-tos” from a Celebrity Chef

Comedy Stand Up

Are you ready to laugh and be entertained?

Masters Sommelier Course

Learn from the best with this unique experience


Tips from top celebrity trainers


Interacting with a celebrity in a virtual event can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for attendees. If you’re looking to add a truly engaging experience to your virtual event, now is the time to maximize this opportunity.

We can help!

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