Our prayers go out to Damar and his family, his Buffalo Bills teammates and The Cincinnati Bengals players. It is hard to find the words for what happened on the field.

“Last night was supposed to be a great night for the NFL and a great showcase for our hometown. Instead, the human side of our sport became paramount…and in that moment humanity and love rose to the forefront.” – Mike Brown, Owner, Cincinnati Bengals.

Our team felt compelled to make a donation to Damar’s “Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive.”

From all of us at Giveback XP, we wish Damar a full recovery. We are thinking of you.


We also did an interview with CBS Milwaukee:

CINCINNATI, OH (CBS 58) — Damar Hamlin is showing some sign of improvement, though the Buffalo Bills player, who collapsed during Monday Night Football, remains in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital. While he recovers, there has been an extraordinary show of public support.

With the spotlight on Hamlin, we’ve learned the 24-year-old, who graduated from a Pittsburgh high school, is all about giving back. He started a holiday toy drive for families. And today, the nation is supporting him by supporting it.

Two days after the Bills tweeted their safety went into cardiac arrest, Damar Hamlin’s GoFundMe page to support less-fortunate families has soared to well over $6 million.

“You know this is a time for prayer and to pray for this young man and his family,” said Chris Jackson, Carpet Man Flooring owner.

Carpet Man Flooring, based in Florida, is just one of more than 200,000 donors.

“You know I simply looked at it and someone had just donated $5,000. So I said all right, I’ll just give $5,500,” said Jackson.

Some of the donors — fantasy football leagues — giving away their entire pot. Top donation so far, the Indianapolis Colts, at $25,003. Everyone hoping number three will pull through.

“It was just something that was very, very tough to watch,” said Scott Ruprecht of Giveback XP.

Giveback XP is based in Cincinnati. Scott Ruprecht says watching two competitive teams both vying for the number one seed, come together was powerful.

“Like the ramifications of this game were so big but like you saw football, the game of football, took second place to Damar’s health,” said Ruprecht.

Hamlin is still listed in critical condition. The heartache felt by other NFL families too.

“And Ashley just kept saying you know it’s a scary thing for her to see you know especially as a wife of a player,” said Courtney Foss, executive director of the Mike Evans Family Foundation.

Mike Evans plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and donated $5,000, well after it had already surpassed its $2,500 goal.

“I don’t think they’re a foundation yet, but this can hopefully maybe be a start for them to actually turn this toy drive that had a $2,500 goal into something bigger,” said Foss.

An update on Damar Hamlin’s GoFundMe page today says “they’re simply awestruck” and that this fundraiser is a “reminder of the incredible nature of humankind.”

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