The organizations we work with have a pulse on what might excite their donors.

Here are the ​​​​​Top 15 Most REQUESTED Experiences for the Fall by our clients [Sept 1 – Dec 31, 2023]

  • Tuscan Countryside & Cuisine for up to 8
  • Red River Gorge with Kayaks (3-night) for up to 8
  • 2024 F1 Experience for 2 [*see really cool addition we made below!]
  • 2024 Kentucky Derby – First Turn for 2
  • Escape To Paradise in Belize or Costa Rica for up to 8
  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail for 4
  • 16th Hole Skybox at WMO [Saturday] for 2
  • Pro Sports Fan Experience for 2
  • 2024 Country Music Awards [CMAs] for 2
  • Napa Sip & Soar for 2
  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail for 2
  • Music City Heart & Soul for 2
  • Fish with Host of TV’s Unfathomed for 2
  • My Old Kentucky Home for 2
  • Sonoma Valley Couples Getaway for 4

Travel Boom:  “By 2033, travel is set to become a $15.5 trillion industry—accounting for more than 11.6% of the global economy. This represents a 50% increase over its $10 trillion value in 2019, when travel represented 10.4% of the world’s gross domestic product.”Aug 21, 2023 – Bloomberg

2024 F1 Experience:  We’ve added Austin, TX to the choices! Now a donor can choose 1 of 6 races [5 international and 1 U.S. based]. This experience has been a Grand Slam in events the last few years.

U.S. Open Tennis Tournament is currently being played in New York this week. It’s a great experience to consider offering at your event and to play off the momentum happening now!

BROWSE over 125+ experiences to offer your donors. You only pay for an item if it sells, keep 100% over the cost and can sell experiences multiple times.

Ready to raise the bar at your next event with any of these highly-sought after experiences?