As 2020 comes to a close, we analyzed our experiences donors purchased through virtual galas, golf outings, hybrid events, live auctions (remember those?) and more to gain further insight into what worked for organizations and here are the final numbers.

Experiences Sold:
57% – involved air travel
43% – within a 4-5 hour drive of an organization’s location

*After Q3, the split was nearly 50/50. In Q4, donors sought out experiences further from home. By extending the redemption period to 2 years, donors can travel when the time is right.

Top Categories:
40% – Outdoor Adventures (ie. photo safaris, fly fishing, hiking, kayaking)
28% – Food, Wine & Spirits (ie. bourbon and wine tours, meet-a-mixologist)
17% – Sports  (ie. playing golf, sporting events)
11% – Entertainment (ie. award shows, city tours)
4% –  Other

*After 9 months of a global pandemic, it shows donors are seeking adventure and drinking….please don’t combine the two!

Top 10 Trips Sold in 2020
1. Jackson Hole Summer Adventure
2. Red River Gorge Weekend Getaway with Kayak Adventure
3. Napa Valley Gourmet Adventure
4. Kentucky Bourbon Trail
5. Country Music Awards
6-10: Masters Golf Tournament, Sedona with Private Grand Canyon Tour, Guatemala Billfishing Adventure, Kentucky Derby, Asheville Mountain Town Getaway

*We were a little surprised Derby, CMAs and Masters made the Top 10. We offered flexibility and in return, donors showed interest.

We look forward to helping you in 2021.
Happy Holidays to you and your Family.